Precautions To Be Taken During Pest Control In Schools And Hospitals

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April 1, 2019
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Precautions To Be Taken During Pest Control In Schools And Hospitals

Pests can be found almost anywhere you go, whether it is at schools, hospitals, educational institutions, Healthcare centres, old age homes, etc. It comprises of insects, rodents, ants, bugs, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches, flies, lice, wasps, millipedes, centipedes, mosquitoes, termites, ticks, algae and several different forms. It affects the school and hospital environment the most and also the people who are in and around the surroundings. Adopt the best pest control methods in Andheri as the presence of such pests causes complicated health problems, structural damage to property and other life forms as well as plant damage.  The following are the precautions to be taken during pest control:

  • Identify the type of pests that are affecting and occupying the vicinity of the school or Hospital.
  • Find a way of pest control in Mumbai, and learn more about the life cycle,  the possible diseases and health complications it could cause.
  • Check out the different areas of the school and hospitals that require pest control. The most common places infested with pests include cafeterias, confined spaces, cabinets and appliances, classrooms, untidy spaces, closets and lockers, gyms, locker room, dumpsters, conduits, school grounds, courtyard, athletic fields, buses and vans used for transportation, ambulances, wardrooms, nurses quarters, and more.
  • The best way of bed bug pest control in Mumbai is to plan out and integrate pest management system within the school and Hospital so as to reduce extensive use of pesticides.
  • Implement pest control measures in Mumbai by monitoring and supervising the pest population.
  • Identify and eliminate conditions and change the environment so as to reduce pest infestations.
  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment that is free of pests.
  • Maintain pest control by placing restrictions in places where food is eaten as well as prohibiting it in places where it is not meant for purposes of eating.
  • Placing dumpsters, food disposal containers and dustbins far away from the vicinity of the school and Hospital.
  • Using non-hazardous detergents to clean the surroundings of the school and Hospital so as to maintain a clean and healthy environment and to establish pest control in Andheri.
  • Repairing, oiling and maintaining pipes that supply water to the rest of the building so as to prevent leakage and making the place a mess.
  • Using vacuum cleaners and pressure cleaning machines to clean eating areas and food service spaces.
  • Covering up and sealing cracks, holes and crevices in which insects and pests reside.
  • Maintaining sanitation and taking the best precautionary measures.
  • Regularly cleaning gutters, drainage pipes, water tanks,  septic tanks and sewage Dumps.
  • Directing water to flow away from the school and the hospital so as to prevent the growth of microbes and pests within the vicinity.
  • Advising Students, staff, nurses and Hospital staff in maintaining cleanliness so as to prevent the growth, multiplication of pests and established pest control in Andheri.
  • Educating the students and staff on how specific behaviour, habits and actions could maintain cleanliness and help in effective pest control.
  • Use different low-risk ways of elimination of pests, prevention and precautionary methods.

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    8. Patients / Pets / Senior Citizens / Children / Allergic  Persons Are Not Allowed Be Present While The treatment Is In Progress. They May Be Allowed To Enter The Premises After The Premises Is Ventilated Well And Also Cleaned With A Dry Cloth.
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    5. Use The Treated Area After Proper Cleaning And Aeration After Minimum 6 Hours.



    1. Customer Premises Is Pre-inspected By The Company Technician At The Time Of Order Booking.
    2. Empty The Wardrobes Cabinets And Wall Units And Move The Movable Furniture.
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